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French Press Brew Guide

The classic French press. Reliable, steady and consistent since 1929. Producing a full and creamy body, The French Press delivers the luxury of multiple cups with very little hassle.

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Espresso Brew Guide

Espresso is also measured slightly differently, here we measure the ratio of dry coffee to the yield of espresso in the cup. For this we recommend placing a small set of scales under your cup as you brew, to measure the weight of espresso as it falls. When we brew our coffees, we recommend starting with a 1:2 ratio of dry coffee to espresso yield, and using the same rules as above to adjust grind size.

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Aeropress Brew Guide

Here, hot water and coffee sit together in a chamber for a certain period before being separated, possibly by a filter. Popular methods here are the French Press, Aeropress, and cupping. Here we would recommend a slightly higher starting ratio of approximately 75 g of dry coffee per litre of water. Here you are in control of both contact time and grind size, so either start with a finer grind and a shorter contact time of approximately 1 minute, popular with Aeropress, or a coarser grind and a longer contact time, around 4 minutes, popular with French Press and cupping. Either combination, and anything in between, can yield clean and balanced results, and can often show off slightly different facets...

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