Aeropress Brew Guide

Coffee Tastes Too Bitter/Dry Too Sour
Grin Size Coarsen Fine
Brew Time Reduce Increase


COFFEE GRIND Medium/Filter

QUANTITY 18 g of coffee for 240 g of water

INFUSION TIME 2 minute more less


ADVICE To get the most out of your freshly roasted coffee, you should have a good burr grinder, a scale, a timer and clean, filtered water.

STEP 1 - Weigh out 18 g of coffee and grind on a medium setting. The grind size has an impact on taste so experiment on your own grinder for best results.
STEP 2 - Place the filter paper into the lid, rinse the filter under water and screw it on the AeroPress.
STEP 3 - Put coffee in the AeroPress chamber and let it rest on top of a cup or server. Place on a set of scales and tare.
STEP 4 - Add 40-50 g water and swirl the AeroPress for a few seconds, mixing the coffee and water together.
STEP 5 - After 15 seconds pour water until reaching 240 g.
STEP 6 - At 60 seconds, put the plunger on and press down slowly. Leave the last cm in the chamber, as this does not taste very nice.
STEP 7 - Let the coffee cool for a few minutes and enjoy!