Royal Moments in Life

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Most of us have time in our days to devote to simple and enjoyable things, but we convince ourselves that we don't

The greatest pleasures in life, come in the purest forms

The Royal Rawness is an innovative experience of enjoying specialty coffee. Intended to locate in the Portuguese national market as a partner of some of the most reputed and exclusive coffee consumption places.

With access to coffee grains from the best origins, The Royal Rawness combines the intensity and purity of the best coffee with the roasting mastery and with the experience and talent of the best baristas, to offer moments of pleasure and refinement to all who appreciate it.

Providing a higher quality coffee consumption experience is more than a service complement. It's a way to show your brand's excellence at every detail.

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Come to our factory in Marvila and take a look to our roast methods and brand philosophy 

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Praça David Leandro da Silva, 2

1950-064 Lisboa

Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays - 10am - 6pm

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