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It seems there is always something that needs to be done or someone who needs our time, something that pulls us outside of ourselves. The Royal Rawness is here to give you the needed energy to be constantly aware and performing the best you can and to give you the simple and enjoyable things in life that make you royal.

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With access to coffee grains from the best origins, The Royal Rawness combines the intensity and purity of the best coffee with the roasting mastery and with the experience and talent of the best baristas, to offer moments of pleasure and refinement to all who appreciate it.


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Praça David Leandro da Silva 2

1950-064 Lisboa

Monday - Friday                                  9am - 9pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays                10am - 9pm

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The Royal Rawness is taking the Coronavirus very seriously. Since there is currently no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted via food, we are open for take-out and from May 18 will be open to the public with half of the places inside.

All of our kitchen and management staff are following the best practices for food preparation and handling.

EC-Food and saftey has stated that it is very unlikely that COVID-19 can be spread through food, but we are still taking additional precautions. Here is a little more on our food safety practices:

Our Staff

Our staff is following frequent and thorough handwashing and hand sanitising. Additional hand sanitizer points have been added. Our staff has been instructed to self-isolate at the first sign of illness as per the government advice, including if family or housemates show symptoms. Non-essential team members are now working remotely as a precautionary measure

The Coffee Roasting and Packaging Process

Coffee is ‘roasted’ at about 180'C, which kills all bacteria and all viruses, including C-19.

The coffee is virtually sterile, sealed in its pack and safe from contamination until you open it.

The virus doesn't survive long on dry/impervious surfaces, for example, the outside of our packs. Current evidence indicates the virus can normally survive on surfaces for less than one day. By the time our coffee reaches you, potential virus contamination on the outside of the pack would be dead. If you are worried about the very small possibility of contamination from the outside of the packs, please do remember that the packs are impermeable plastic laminates which can be wiped with hand sanitiser or antibacterial wipes before handling/opening.

Once you make your cup of coffee, boiling water is hot enough to kill any virus.