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It seems there is always something that needs to be done or someone who needs our time, something that pulls us outside of ourselves. The Royal Rawness is here to give you the needed energy to be constantly aware and performing the best you can and to give you the simple and enjoyable things in life that make you royal.

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With access to coffee grains from the best origins, The Royal Rawness combines the intensity and purity of the best coffee with the roasting mastery and with the experience and talent of the best baristas, to offer moments of pleasure and refinement to all who appreciate it.

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The Royal Rawness is born out of our passion for coffee and food. Over time, everything became special ... it started with specialty coffee, but now even the food can be said to be special ... We collect the best producers with whom Chefs make the best dishes (from farm to table) and the Baristas the best coffee (from bean to cup). This is a team focused on the depth of everything we do - it can be simple, but it has a story to tell.

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Rua Vale Formoso 9

1950-277 Lisboa

Monday - Friday                                  9 - 18
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays                9 - 13

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