V60 KIT Red Dripper

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V60 KIT Red Dripper

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Would you like to get more professional in your home-brewing? Buy this kit and we will give you the first bag  of marvellous coffee beans 250g!

With this V60 you can easily brew your goods to get a clean and complexity beverage. The all in one ceramic dripper pot set will allow you to achieve maximum, controlled extraction from freshly roasted beans. It has a specific V60 shaped cone design for maximum air flow. This particular pot set comes with a ceramic dripper which offer a long product life. It is designed to deliver coffee, precisely brewed using the iconic Hario V60 process.

Hario V60 Plastic kit includes:

  • 1 White V60 Dripper;
  • V60 Coffee Server;
  • 40 paper filters;
  • Measuring Spoon;
  • 250g of coffee.