Harar Roots - Ethiopia
Harar Roots - Ethiopia

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Harar Roots - Ethiopia

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Ethiopian coffees are very known in the specialty coffee world and we proudly present you coffee from Harar, a town in eastern Ethiopia. Harar coffee presents a characteristic fruity drink and creamy body. Many times we find that Ethiopian coffee is of the Heirloom variety and what it means is that it is "ancient root'', it does not define the variety itself, but is generic. The variety is named after the area in which it grows and where it has been growing for years, it must have the characteristic flavor of the area.

Clean in the cup and heavy in flavours, such as lime, green apple and cocoa nibs. Very well-balanced body and acidity. Perfect fit for filter coffees like V60, Aeropress and French Press.

VARIETY – Various

REGION – Oromia 

PROCESS – Natural

ALTITUDE – 1.700 - 2.000 

NOTES - Green Apple, Lime and Cocoa Nibs