Local and seasonal - we visit our local food producers and see with them what’s in season and get inspiration from their beautiful crops. Every producer we use, has an amazing background and we try to make justice to their work by delivery products that are fresh, healthy and tasty.

Brazil - our team has a Brazilian background and we love to mixture the Brazilian food trends with the Australian typical coffee shop food. Our food can taste different, but it’s always delicious!

Food waste - we also try to have a zero-waste-cooking while preparing our food. This involves, finding innovative ways to reuse scraps that are typically discarded by repurposing them into other foods or drinks. We make all our sauces and jams with these techniques.

On this page we’ll display different types of food we are making. If you ordered something in the past that’s not in the product list, please just contact us and we will make it for you.

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