Brazil Pedra Branca
Brazil Pedra Branca
Brazil Pedra Branca

The Royal Rawness

Brazil Pedra Branca

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This coffee is perfect for French Press, Cafeteria or Mocha Pot and Espresso. The low altitude brings out caramel sweetness with medium body and we recommend brewing espresso with 19grams in and 42 grams out on our La Marzocco Mod Bar. For better results check our How To Brew page.


Beneficio Pedra Banca is found in the Pedra Branca mountains in Pedralva, Carmo de Minas. Beneficio means mill and this mill was built by the guys at CarmoCoffees to better service the 2000 small holder coffee farmers that live in this region.

The rich soil and high elevation make the coffees from this region perfect for specialty grade coffee although at times this was not always achieved due to poor infrastructure and lack of knowledge amongst the farmers.

VARIETAL: Yellow and Red Catuai, Yellow Icatu, Acaia, Novo Mundo

ALTITUDE:  1.010-1.400 masl

PROCESS:  Natural Pulped and Sun-dried

FLAVOUR: Ripe fruit, low acidity, caramel sweetness, medium body, cashew aftertaste

REGION:  Mantiqueira Hill, Minas Gerais