Barista Training

The best equipment, the best raw material, and of course, the best baristas.

 Complementing the commercialization and technical assistance of La Marzocco’s equipment, as well as the election and production of The Royal Rawness coffee blends, we offer the possibility to provide barista professional training for employees.

Barista Basic is a must for every beginner: here you´ll learn the theoretical basics of origin, processing and roasting of the coffee bean. The practical part covers the daily operations of a barista. Working with espresso machines and grinders, preparing the perfect milk foam and the most popular coffee drinks.  


  • The Coffee plant
  • Harvest and preparation
  • Roasting and grinding
  • The perfect Espresso


  • First steps at the espresso machine
  • Preparing espresso from grinding the beans to extraction
  • Steaming milk
  • Preparation of various coffee specialities
  • Cleaning and maintenance of coffee machines
Target audience:
  • Baristas
  • Shop managers
  • Business founders
  • Interested non-professionals




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