Añas Blues - Peru
Añas Blues - Peru
Añas Blues - Peru
Añas Blues - Peru

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Añas Blues - Peru

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Añas Blues coffee was born from this collective founded by Peruvian coffee growers and producers. Añas Blues is produced in a coffee growers' cooperative in the coffee-growing region of Cajamarca in Peru.

The cooperative was founded on November 26, 2016, with 264 producers dedicated to coffee growing. Its main objective is to contribute to the development and well-being of all its members and their families in the Cajamarca region. The cooperative provides multiple services to its members and is environmentally friendly.

VARIETY - Caturra, Catimor and Typica

REGION - Cajamarca

PROCESS - Washed

ALTITUDE - 1400 - 1800 

NOTES – Chocolate with Citrus aroma and flavor